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Daniel MacGibbon

Co Owner of Articulated Design Union
Role: Drafting, Zoning, Project Management

Daniel MacGibbon is Senior Designer and co-owner at ADU. Graduate of the Architecture Masters program at the University of Manitoba. Daniel worked under the late Architect Ernie Walter with both Yaron and Ken and now manages the front end consulting.

Daniel’s role is first and last contact with any project that ADU takes on. New projects are first laid out by Daniel for review and discussion by the ADU team, clients, and City. Daniel then aids in the developing those designs into construction documents for permit application. Projects in their last stages are given over to him for the creation of marketing material to also aid clients in sales related to their projects.


Ken Leschuk

Senior Project Manager & CO Owner of Articulated Design Union
Role: Project & Construction Management, Project Costing, Tendering

Ken Leschuk is Senior Project Manager and co-owner at ADU. Ken’s extensive experience in the field of architecture and construction across Canada and The United States over the past 40 years brings valuable insight and project management skills to ADU. Ken has worked at Greentree Group, KDR Design Builders, UMA Engineering & Smith Carter Architects and has managed construction numerous projects for them.

Ken Leschuk’s roles as both PM & CM put him squarely in the middle of any given project. This gives Ken a unique perspective when administering ADU’s tenders allowing him to keep a close eye on project pricing.



Yaron Walter

Articulated Design Union CEO
Role: Project Coordinator

The principles of ADU hired Yaron Walter as CEO of the company. Born and raised in Winnipeg Manitoba. Yaron worked under his late father, Ernie Walter, managing his architectural firm. Ernie Walter and his son designed and built numerous homes, condominiums, and multi-family in Canada and Central America. Yaron’s experience with his father, and developed aptitude for running a business, has made him a valuable executive of ADU.

Yaron Walter is ADU’s project coordinator. He oversees the collective projects that ADU has on the board. Yaron’s role is ensuring proper cash flow and no significant road blocks show up for our senior project manager.