Herzlia Adas Yeshurun

620 Brock – Herzlia Adas Yeshurun
Multi phase overhaul of existing building.

ADU was approached with the design and construction of a new Synagogue for Herzlia Adas Yeshurun (HAY). Upon review of the concept, preliminary budget, and time frame it was determined that a multi-phase upgrade of the existing building would be both more economical and better for the continued operation of the Synagogue. The Synagogue’s board of directors presented ADU with a list of upgrades they were interested in immediately and a wishlist for future upgrades.



The initial first phase was partitioning the sanctuary space and upgrading the kitchen faculties for commercial use. The scope grew to include boiler decommissioning & HVAC upgrade, accessibility upgrades including a retrofitted elevator, new monitored security system and wireless network, window repair and replacement, exterior refinishing, plumbing upgrades, and room by room finish upgrade.

ADU provided both management and labour for the above tasks over an extended period of time that fit with the continued use of the building during construction and the budgeted funds the Synagogue allocated per phase.

social hall

multipurpose room


The scope of each phase of the project was first conceptualized and budgeted by ADU and then presented to the Synagogue’s board of directors for approval of cost and time commitment. Upon approval construction/deconstruction would commence and weekly updates would be provided to the board of directors to ensure we were both on track for time and cost. Unforeseen events that either drove up costs by a significant margin or delayed completion of phases were immediately communicated to the board along with our recommendations for an efficient solution. Events that exceeded our allocated time schedule were analyzed and either dealt with by displacing other scheduled tasks or were added to future work orders in a future phase to ensure the operation of the Synagogue during construction.