139 Tuxedo Ave.


Client: Karma Developments
Architectural Consultant: Neil Cooper Architect
Prime Consultant: Articulated Design Union
Developer: Karma Builders
Project Value: $23,000,000





New luxury condominium coming soon to Tuxedo Ave.

139 Tuxedo Ave is a new multi-family condominium in development on Tuxedo Ave. The project will feature a blend of traditional and modern elements paying both homage to the traditional facades of the adjacent Asper Jewish Community Campus and appeal to the more state-of-the-art aesthetics brought on by the advancements in building technology.  139 Tuxedo will feature the use of traditional materials such as Tyndall Stone and local Split-face Manitoba Stone in addition to the traditional materials used on the facade, contemporary elements such as curtain wall, glass railing, and large windows will also be used, firmly ground 139 Tuxedo in this century and provide modern conveniences that the future residents have come to expect in new construction.

For sales information please visit 139tuxedo.com or click here